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CoQ10 Benefits Include Solutions to Common Age-Related Problems

Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10 or Vitamin Q, is one of the most promising tools in the anti-aging arsenal. Research has proven that CoQ10 benefits include playing a role in the treatment and prevention of a host of age-related disorders.

A naturally occurring compound that is found in all cells, CoQ10 helps convert fats and sugars to energy. It is a very powerful antioxidant and as such can neutralize free radicals, which are damaging compounds believed to contribute to the aging process as well as serious health problems including heart disease and cancer. Since the body's production of CoQ10 decreases with age, ongoing research is focusing on how deficiencies or declining levels of CoQ10 effect health. The effect of supplemental doses of CoQ10 has shown extremely promising results with regard to a number of age-related disorders.

Treatment and Prevention of Heart Disease: It is known that people with congestive heart failure have low levels of CoQ10. Clinical studies have shown that supplemental doses of this compound can have a significant positive effect on the effects of heart disease, including inhibiting blood clot formation and reducing swelling and the pooling of blood in lungs and legs. One
important study found that people who received supplements within three days of a heart attack were significantly less likely to experience subsequent heart attacks, chest pain, or heart disease.

High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Treatment: Ongoing clinical studies suggest that a regular course of CoQ10 supplements may lower blood pressure. It is known that common cholesterol-lowering medications deplete the levels of this coenzyme and it has been found that supplemental doses correct the deficiency, providing crucial antioxidant protection without effecting the drugs' efficacy.

Diabetes Management: Though additional studies on the effect of supplements on diabetes are needed, clinical studies show a lot of promise. It is thought that supplements of this compound may assist in the regulation of blood sugar and help prevent common diabetes-related problems, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Breast cancer: Studies that used CoQ10 supplements in conjunction with Vitamins C, E, and Selenium suggest that this
combination of powerful antioxidants may actually shrink tumors, reduce pain, and could even induce partial remission in some patients.

Periodontal (gum) disease: One of the most pervasive problems associated with aging, gum disease is associated with swelling, bleeding, pain, and redness of the gums and can lead to the loss of teeth. People with gum disease tend to have low levels of the compound in their gums. Studies using supplemental doses in the form of a mouth rinse resulted in faster
healing and tissue repair.

Improved Immune Function: While this aspect of CoQ10 benefits is still being studied, a growing body of research indicated that supplemental dosages can result in significantly improved immune function, both in people with AIDS and in those with chronic yeast, bacterial, and viral infections.

Increased Energy, Stamina, and Endurance: The antioxidant properties of the compound have been repeatedly shown to dramatically boost energy levels in older people.

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